Better Building From Better Understanding The Codes

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Professional Code Consultants


A/E Design Firm - For Select Clients

Plans Examinations And Inspections


We are a full-service plans examination, inspection and code consulting agency serving Municipalities, Design Professionals, Construction Companies, Private Owners, Developers, Government Agencies, and anyone concerned with the building code compliance and safety of their building project.


Our professionals have a proven track record and demonstrated experience in practical application of building codes to new and existing commercial structures.


When you hire our agency to perform a full code compliance and coordination review (plans check) of your construction documents, most likely you will save several times the cost of our services, in the form of reduction of potential change orders, errors, omissions, and/or potential code related issues, as a matter of fact, we are so sure we almost guarantee it.


We offer on-site inspection services for construction projects, to verify specification compliance, to perform commissioning services, and to act as a "third party" official code compliance inspector when acceptable to the AHJ (Authority having jurisdiction).


Call us to see if you qualify for our select client A/E Design Services.






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Purpose and Vision

  • To better serve the public safety.

  • To facilitate the practical application of code compliance in building construction.




  • To minimize the cost impact of proper building code compliance by better understanding and early evaluation of a project in the design phase.