Better Building From Better Understanding The Codes

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Services Provided


We will be pleased to provide you with a proposal for our services based on the size, location and type of facility you are considering.

Plans Examination:

Services include Review of:

Building Code(s)

Accessibility Code(s)

Electrical Code(s)

Mechanical Code(s)

Plumbing Code(s)

Energy Code(s)

Fire Inspections

PEI’s Planning Services:


Bid Evaluation

Budget Control 

Budget Reporting

Code Review 

Corporate Facilities Planning

Cost Estimating

Existing Facilities

Feasibility Analysis

Feasibility Studies

PEI’s Architectural Services:


Adaptive Re-Use 

Architectural Rendering

Bid/Construction Documents

Building Renovations/Retrofit

Contract Drawings

Construction Management

Design/Build Services

Facility Assessments

Feasibility Studies

Master Planning 

PEI Engineering Design Services:

In-house design/oversight along with the following consultants if necessary.

Fire Protection Engineering 
System Renovation
Bid/Construction Documents
Code Research & Review
Construction Administration
Cost Administration
Distribution Systems
Electrical Illumination Design
Electrical Power Engineering
Electrical Signal Systems 

Site Inspection and Verification:

Services include:

Building Inspection, Verification

Accessibility Inspection, Verification

Electrical Inspection, Verification

Mechanical Inspection, Verification

Plumbing Inspection, Verification



Master Planning
On-Site Utility Studies
Off-Site Utility Studies
Project Development Scheduling
Site Analysis & Selection
Survey  Site Planning
Surveying Existing Conditions
Systems Evaluation



New Building Design
Phased Building Design
Project Administration
Roofing Design
Site Design
Strategic Facilities Planning
Inspection Coordination 


Energy Studies
HVAC Engineering **
Structural Engineering **
Mechanical Engineering **
Plumbing Engineering **
Program Needs Assessments
Project Administration
Inspection Coordination
Value Engineering