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Township of Robinson


Fire Alarm & Sprinkler Systems

Installation and Maintenance



Pursuant to the PA UCC and by adoption of the International Fire Code(IFC) Chapter 9, Fire Protection Systems shall be installed, maintained and tested per NFPA standards which require only "qualified" persons perform such work and that the determination of qualifications of such individuals is the responsibility of the AHJ.
As such it is the determination of the Fire Code Official of Robinson Township that all persons wishing to perform this work shall register and indicate their qualifications for review.


The governing Standard NFPA 72, (installation of Fire Alarm Systems) 13, 13D, 13R (installation of Sprinkler Systems) and NFPA 13A, 25 (Maintenance of Sprinkler Systems) do not address the specific qualifications of persons who install or maintain  automatic fire alarm and sprinkler systems.
As a result there is no territorial licensing or regulatory authority in Pennsylvania, which governs the qualifications of persons engaged in the business of fire and sprinkler system installation and/or maintenance.  Any person with the necessary working and equipment is presently permitted to install or maintain a fire and sprinkler system.
Note: Local bylaws and tender specification may require journeyman sprinkler fitter status, however this is not always the case.
The requirement to install and maintain automatic fire sprinkler systems to the NFPA standards referenced above is mandatory by code. Systems, which are not in accordance with the standards, will not be approved and may be ordered replaced and/or upgraded.
Property managers and owners should understand that such replacement and/or upgrading can be extremely costly.
In the absence of a specific territorial legislation the onus to hire only qualified installers and maintainers rests with the building owner. Owners are encouraged to carefully review the qualification of persons hired to install or maintain sprinkler systems with a view to qualifications, experience and performance liability.
In order that the Township may be better able to access the qualifications of those performing suck work and to assist the public in the pursuit of qualified companies and individuals who have demonstrated their competence through testing or training, the Robinson Township Fire Code Official has deemed it necessary to implement the following registration form.
This information will also be used to determine minimum requirements for qualifications, at a future date, when at such time minimum qualifications may become mandatory by the State.