At Plans Examiners, Inc. our knowledgeable experts have a breadth of code experience that spans decades and generations.

Whether this is your first construction project or you are an experienced designer/builder, we make the process easy and pride ourselves on our second-to-none service and efficient work.

Here are some of the services that we offer:

Plans Examination

Whether you’re adding a new deck or constructing a brand new building, the plans are the first step. Allow us to review your plans and use our knowledge and experience to help you avoid problems or code violations down the road.

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Site Inspection and Verification

Once work has been done, our knowledgeable expert inspectors can inspect and verify your work site.

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Planning Services

We know what a headache the construction planning process can be. We provide a number of services related to research studies, budget planning, and more.

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Architecture, Design, and Engineering Services

At Plans Examiners Inc. we can handle all of your architectural needs, from architectural rendering to structural engineering and everything in between.

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Plans Examiners is proud to call itself a military vet owned and operated business.

We regularly hire and train military vets and nearly our entire staff has served in the military.

What's Next?

If you have a project in need of code inspection in the Greater Pittsburgh area or beyond, we want to help make your dream come true in a professional and timely manner. Click the button below to view our availability in your municipality and to schedule an inspection.

Or, if you are just researching right now or aren’t quite sure if your project will need a permit, click here to download our free one-pager “When do I need a building permit?”. If you would like quicker answers, feel free to contact our experts.